Race view from 55 Aaron’s pit wagon



This is my life now.

that tooth on the left is so cute though it looks so happy just to be a tooth

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Arizona sunset


i am going to make it through this year if it kills me.

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JB Snyder inspired art

Digital representation of spray painted canvas of Phoenix muralist, artist, street artist JB Snyder.

Typical emotions following final exam
(Hyperbole and a Half)

The inner workings of the student mind. Hyperbole and a Half.

RKD 41.5

Hyperbole and a Half. Blog and now book. Help make the author rich and famous. Well, rich since the famous part is done.

Pearl Jam, Phoenix AZ.

Pearl Jam, Phoenix AZ.

Pearl Jam, Phoenix AZ. 2013.
Mind Your Manners

Pearl Jam, Phoenix AZ